HepNS for Organizations

HepNS is pleased to offer various workshops and support to organizations across the province. Workshops available include the following:

HepNO for Youth

A workshop geared to high school-aged youth focusing on safe drug consumption, safe sex, and safe tattoo and piercing practices. We use a harm-reduction approach and offer a safe space for youth to ask questions they may be otherwise embarrassed to ask their teacher or parents. We can often bring a guest speaker with lived experience with Hep C and addictions to speak to the youth, which is always very well received.

HepNO for Adults

This workshop is geared to people over the age of 18 and focuses on Hep C while also looking at HIV as a comparison tool. Transmission, treatment, and prevention are all discussed, as well as coinfection (having HIV and Hep C at the same time). A guest speaker with lived experience with Hep C and addictions may also be able to attend upon request.

HepNO for Corrections

This workshop is geared towards adults living in or recently released from a correctional facility. It focuses on Hep C while using HIV as a comparison tool. Risk factors specific to incarcerated living are discussed and treatment options once a person is released (Provincial prisons don’t treat Hep C) are discussed.

Lunch and Learns

These workshops are designed for front line staff to develop an understanding of Hepatitis C, how to interact with a person or client with Hepatitis C, and what supports the staff member may refer the client to. The best part is, we’ll bring you lunch!